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BUNDI IN RAJASTHAN - Best Weekend Destinations in Rajasthan


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Bundi is enclosed on three sideS by hills of the Aravalli Range. Bundi was formerly called "Bunda-Ka-Nal", Nal meaning "narrow ways". Later the region was governed by Rao Deva Hada, who took over Bundi from Jaita Meena in 1342, and established a princely state Bundi.


NAWAL SAGAR LAKE– Nawal Sagar Lake is a major tourist magnetism of Bundi.It is a huge square-shaped non-natural lake in the centre of Bundi.This Lake has a famous temple at the center. The major attraction of the lake is the reflect shape of the whole city.

TARAGARH FORT- The Taragarh Fort, other name is 'Star Fort' is the most remarkable of the city's configuration. It was built in AD 1354. The fort is a designer traveler perspective of the Bundi city.

BUNDI PALACE – The Bundi Palace is positioned on the hillside adjoining to the Taragarh Fort. This palace assembled by Rao Ratan Singh Hada between 1607 A.D. to 1631 A.D. Opening hours from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM in the summer and from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in the winter.

PHOOL SAGAR- Phool Sagar is a non-natural lake. It is a fine planned palace that has classic Rajput structural design. The work on Phool Mahal was started in 1945 but never completed and still it is incomplete. It is an outstanding place for bird watchers, mainly from the months of November to February.

DABHAI KUND – Dabhai Kund is located in the middle of the city. It is also known as Jai Kund. It is the largest Kund in Bundi. It is well value a visit for the stunning carvings on the several steps leading down to the water level.


Welcome to Organic Holidays
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REACHING BUNDI BY AIR – The nearest airport to Bundi is Sanganer airport in Jaipur which is 220 km from Bundi.It is connected to all the major cities in India including New Delhi and Mumbai.

REACHING BUNDI BY TRAIN- Bundi has a small railway station in its southern part. Kota Railway Station is also nearest station from Bundi. It is only 36 kilometers from Bundi. This station is connected to many trains to Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Benaras etc.

REACHING BUNDI BY BUS- Kota is much closer to Bundi and it takes only 1 hour to arrive at Bundi by bus. Bundi is on NH-12 that connects Jaipur to Kota and Jhalawar via Sanganer, Chatsu, Tonk and Bundi.

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