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If you are in a mood to travel off the beaten path, check out these unique exotic places in Rajasthan

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So want to get off the grid? Are you looking for an exotic weekend getaway from Delhi which is still unexplored and free from the maddening crowd? Wanna jet away to a place where you can not only relax but also enjoy your vacation with your family and friends? 

Do you know that there are many unexplored places in Rajasthan which are as historical and as exotic and enchanting as any other place in the Royal state of Rajasthan. Do you know that there are number of places in Rajasthan that are getting a lot of buzz in the travel world right now

Raising a toast to the explorer within you, here is an exotic getaway for you to consider for your next vacation. 

Don't say that you have already visited Rajasthan before exploring the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Havelis of Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan must be in your bucket list

Shekhawati means the garden of Shekha. The name Shekhawati comes from Rao Shekha, a Kachhwaha satrap, who had dominated and conquered large parts of the region in the fifteenth century. However under the reign of Shardul Singh in 18th century Shekhawati region reached its political zenith.
The Shekhawati Region in Rajasthan is spread across districts of Jhunjunu, Sikar and Churu in Northern parts of Rajasthan, close to Haryana.
The most suitable base of exploring Shekhawati in Rajasthan is Mandawa which is located about 170 Kms north-west of the state capital Jaipur and around 275 kms south-west of the National Capital Delhi.
The best of the painted towns of Shekhawati region are located within a 50 km radius from Mandawa. The region is famous for the marvelous Havelis.

 Best places to visit in Shekhawati Region in Rajasthan

Mandawa town is located about 35 kms from Jhunjunu. The Small but elegant town Mandawa was established in the year 1756, when Nawal Singh built the fort which is now converted into the hotel called Castle Mandawa. The town however became a full-fledged town after Nawal Singh’s 2 grandsons made mandawa their home at the close of the 18th century. 
Mandawa lured number of merchants to set up shop here. You will find the murals of the Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli extraordinary, particularly in the diversity of their themes.
You would be surprised to see that Bansidhar Nevatia Haveli in Mandawa showing the Wright brothers’ maiden flight and a European making a telephone call, as well as a rather nationalistic tug-of-war between a strongman called Prof Ramamurti and a motor car driven by an Englishman.
Then there is Sneh Ram Ladia Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, Double Goenka Haveli which has humorous erotica painted on the outer left wall, a woman having sex with two men, and Krishna making love to a gopi. You can have access to this wall but through a thin passage from inside.

Bissau is old-fashioned but very attractive little oasis to the north-west of Mandawa about 25 kms. Bissau is an amazing small town where you can see Keshargarh Fort which was built in 1746 by Keshari Singh, one of the five sons of Shardul Singh.
During 19th century Bissau town prospered a lot as it was corridor through which trading carvan moved freely between Delhi and the ports of Gujarat. It was an important link on the southern Silk route. Most of the merchant families like Poddars, Goenkas, Ruias, Singhanias, Birlas and many more originally belonged to this region and later migrated to port towns in India.
The answer to why there are so many Haveli’s in the Shekhawti region is that it was a tradition in those days whoever made it good in terms of trade and business would come back to his home place and build four things namely, a Haveli, a Baoli, a Mandir and a Dharamshala. As these businessmen became rich and multiplied their wealth they went on doing charity, erecting colleges, cenotaphs, grander and grander havelis, finally when nothing else could be thought of, they ordered that the Havelis be painted.
Some of the famous Havelis in Bissau region are Motiram Jasraj Sigthia Haveli located in one of the narrow lanes of Bissau. The small opening or entrance will lead you to the breathtaking view inside the Haveli. The façade is an extraordinary riot of rich colors. Each and every wall is painted and impressive.

Mahansar in Shekhawati region
Mahansar is located about 40 km North of Mandawa town. After you visit Bissau you can plan to visit Mahansar next Shekhawati town only about ten km away from Bissau. The small old town of Mahansar is truly delightful but sort of laid-back town.
The layout of Mahansar town is geometric and in a very less time it can be explored say about in an hour. Mahansar is also known as the customary business stronghold of the Poddar family, who in the nineteenth century moved their booming business in chintz and opium here.
The Poddars during those days commissioned some of the most skilled murals in Shekhawati. The most famous was, the Sone ki Dukan or the Golden Shop. That time it used to be the head office of the Poddars and was so called because of the lavish use of gold in the murals inside, is easily the piece de resistance.
The paintings are amzing and whoever have painted the murals must have been an accomplished illustrator who possessed a great sense of colour and composition. The highlighting point is ornately depicted war between the armies of Rama and Ravana, Rama’s wedding and Vishnu’s incarnations.
You will also find an enthralling Mahansar fort just about five minutes walk from Sone ki Dukan.  The small and elegant Mahansar Fort was founded by Thakur Nahar Singh in 1768. A portion of Mahansar Fort is now turned into a heritage hotel called Narayan Niwas Palace owned and run by Thakur Sahib Tejpal Singh and his family.

Ramgarh is located about 40 km North-West of Mandawa town. Ramgarh is only about 8 km from Mahansar. In the 19th Century Ramgarh used to be one of Shekhawati’s wealthiest towns. Even today Ramgarh is still called Sethon ka Ramgarh (Ramgarh of the Merchants) just to differentiate it from its namesakes. The town was founded by Poddars in 1791who were fled Churu town after the thakur there had levied heavy taxes on their wool business, Ramgarh boasts the largest number of murals in the whole of Shekhawati.

Fatehpur is situated on the west of Mandawa about 19 Kms from Mandawa and around 15 km south of Ramgarh, Fatehpur was founded by Fateh Khan in 1451 and is one of the oldest towns in Shekhawati. Fatehgarh town has a rich history because of which it has some impressive step-wells and joharas (reservoirs). Fatehgarh at one point in time was also home to well-known Marwari business families such as Poddars, the Singhanias, Devras and Saraogis, who have built some of the most magnificently decorated havelis in the Shekhawati region.

Don’t miss the Nand Lal Devra now known as the Nadine le Prince Haveli. It was bought by the French woman for a whopping 3 million rupees in 1998. She is a painter herself and till now has spent over 6 million for its renovation and restoration work. You would also be delighted to see the Singhania Haveli with its huge painting of four elephants cradling goddess Lakshmi with their trunks, and exquisitely painted gopis. Choudhary ki Haveli is one of the most richly painted in Shekhawati, please check wether it is now open or still shut.
Nawalgarh located about 28 Kms from Mandawa toward south-east. Nawalgarh is one of the largest and busiest towns of Shekhawati. It was established in 1737 by Nawal Singh, one of the sons of renowned Shardul Singh. Nawalgarh has witnessed a series of rulers who were lenient and attracted a numerous rich Marwari merchants who built many richly painted havelis here.

Though many of the Havelis in Nawalgarh are now in a state of disrepair, do not miss to visit the Poddar Haveli which is an exception. It has been turned into a museum now. The murals in this early 20th century haveli have been carefully restored to their original glory. The museum also exhibits wedding costumes of different communities of Rajasthan.
Absolute artistic brilliance can be seen on the painted ceiling of a small room in the fort called Bala Qila stands.
Aath Haveli is yet another piece of great work in Nawalgarh with its mural of a long train with one passenger per compartment; a woman feeding a child and at the same time doing her make-up; a couple making love. You can also watch out for Morarka Haveli in Nawalgarh near Aath Haveli.Morarka boasts of gracefully sketched paintings.
Then there is Sheksaria Haveli, Chaucharia Haveli apart from the above mentioned havelis in Nawalgarh

Parasrampura is located about 45 kms from Mandawa town. It is a small and beautiful peaceful village in the Shekhawati region where you can see some of the finest and earliest murals in Shekhawati. The murals embellish the chhatri of Shardul Singh, who stayed in this village during his last days. Built in 1750, the cenotaph portrays scenes from Hindu mythology. It also shows the legendary Shardul Singh take the chair of his court along with his five sons.

Dundlod is located about 23 kms from Mandawa and around 8 km from Mukundgarh on the road to Nawalgarh. It is a small, peaceful and relatively tidy town in the Shekhawati belt which was establieshed in 1750 by Keshri Singh, who also happens to be the founder of Bissau. The Dera Dundlod Quila is now converted into a hotel was built in 1750. It has a very magnificent and lavish hall, called the Diwan-e-Khana. The Goenkas were the ruling business clan in Dundlod and have built number of Havelis which worth a visit.
How to reach Shekhawati Belt Region of Rajasthan
Nearest Airport – Sanganer Airport Jaipur connected from Delhi Mumbai Jodhpur Bangalore and other major cities. Regular bus service and trains are available from Jaipur to the Shekhawati region towns like Jhunjunu Sikar Mandawa Churu etc. You can also hire a Taxi to Mandawa which is about 180 Kms from jaipur Airport. Taxi will charge from Rs 2500 to 3000.
By Rail
Many towns of Shekhawati Region are connected by train and Rail service. Dundlod, Mukundgarh, Jhunjunu and Nawalgarh are the nearest railway stations from Mandawa.
By Road
Shekhawati belt region is well connected by road from Jaipur Delhi Bikaner and other parts of the state. Frequent bus service is available to these places.
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