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Chittorgarh - A historical marvel in the desert state of Rajasthan

Looking for a serious sightseeing? Do visit Chittorgarh Fort a symbol of Rajput chivalry, resistance and bravery

Chittorgarh resonates with stories of Rajputana bravery, pride and passion. The bards of Rajasthan sing tales of courage and sacrifice recounting stories that are known to every child and adult in the city. Chittorgarh is named after its most imposing structure, the Chittorgarh Fort which stands atop a 180 metre high hill and is spread across 700 acres.

There are number of places in Rajasthan and Chittorgarh is one of the historical place which is must visit. It is known for the dazzling Chittorgarh Fort which will remind us of the architecture and Chivalry of the then Kings in Rajasthan. However there are other mesmerizing places in and around Chittorgarh which are less explored by the tourists. 

"The Chittorgarh Fort stands tall over a 180 meter high  hillock and spread over 700 acres".

Nagri is located about 20 Kms from Chittorgarh situated on the banks of river Bairach. Formerly known as Madhyamika, Nagri is one of the most important townships of the Mauryan era in Rajasthan.  

The place saw huge growth and flourished during the Maurya and Gupta eras. The excavations in Nagri have unearthed many exciting facts and have showed signs of strong Hindu and Buddhist influence.

It is located about 140 Kms from Chittorgarh in the Rawatbhata Tehsil. You can see numerous ancient temples here which include the ruins of the famous temples of babaroli.

This wildlife sanctuary is located about 25 Km from Chittorgarh
The Bassi wildlife sanctuary is spread over 50 Square Kms near Bassi village in the Chittorgarh Tehsil. 

The main attractions of Bassi sanctuary are  panther,  wild boar, antelopes and mongoose. Bassi also attract Migratory birds.
If you are planning to go to Bassi then please note that in order to get the entry you need to get prior permission from the District Forst Officer, Chittaurgarh. 

Located on the Chittor-Udaipur Highway about 40 Kms from Chittaurgarh is the famous Sanwariya Ji Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

About 45 Kms from Chittaurgarh is the famous Matri Kundiya Temple which is also known as the "Haridwar of Mewar". This shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Yet another wildlife sanctuary located in the secluded and serene region, the Bhainsorgarh Sanctuary lies amidst lush green environment. You can also see precious archaeological remains here.

You can also stay here now as this Castle is converted into a hotel. Bijapur fort is over 350 year old and was built by Rao Shakti Singh, the youngest brother of Maharana Pratap.

The sanctuary is located amidst lush green teak trees and is spread over the Aravali and Vindhyachal ranges in Rajasthan. The population of the Teak Trees is over 50% in Sitamata Sanctuary. Apart from this there are many other trees like salar, tendu, amla, bamboo and bel etc.

Another breathtaking view inside is of the three rivers that flow through the forests of Sitamata Sanctuary. There is a Dam as well on Jakham river. 

You will find numerous species of animals and birds here. The main fauna include hyena, leopard, jackal, fox, jungle cat, porcupine, four horned antelope spotted dear, wild bear, nilgai etc.

However one of the major attractions of the Sanctuary is the conspicuous flying squirrel, which can be observed gliding between the trees during night. Autumn is the best season to watch these creatures when the trees have shed their leaves.

Located about 125 Kms from Chittorgarh is the famous 16th century fort near Pratapgarh. You can also see the ancient murals and Jain temple here.

One of the famous picnic spot in this region Menal is located about 90 Kms from Chittorgarh on the Chittor-Bundi Road. 

Menal is also known as the "mini khajauraho" by the locals. The place is truly blessed with natural landscapes and beauty. The waterfalls are the main attractions here apart from famous for the ancient temples surrounded by lush green forests.

Gotmeshwar has an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located about 130 Kms from Chittorgarh

 The ancient temple built about 300 years ago is dedicated to Goddess Yogini 


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