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Jaipur Metro Stations and Route Map - JMRC - Jaipur Metro Route and Stations

Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Limited – Status of Jaipur Metro – Route and Metro Stations in Jaipur

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The people of Jaipur will soon get rid of the traffic woes and will have their own Metro Lines. The travel will be smooth and very comfortable and will be swift as well. The work on Jaipur Metro is going on war footing and the the first phase is almost ready now.
Date of incorporation of JMRC – 01.01.2010
Date of Commencement of business by JMRC – 20.01.2010
Ministry/Department - Urban Development Department, Secretariat, Jaipur ,Rajasthan
Jaipur Metro project is divided into two Corridors, Phase–I i.eThe East West Corridor and Phase-II the North South Corridor. Jaipur Metro East West Corridor is from Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar, which is 12.067 km long is Phase-I of the Project. The Phase-II project is The North South Corridor from Ambabari to Sitapura with a total length of  32.099 kms.
The Rajasthan Government has established the JMRC or the "Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd."  as a wholly owned company of the State Government for implementation of Jaipur Metro Rail Project

Phase I (Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar-12.067 kms) (EPC Mode):
Phase-I-A (Mansarovar to Chandpole).
Phase-I-B (Chandpole to Badi Chaupar)
Phase II (Amba Bari to Sitapura -23.099 kms) (PPP Mode) :

PHASE -1 Project of JMRC Jaipur Metro -  East West Corridor- Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar
Total length is 12.067
The Elevated track length of Jaipur Metro in this corridor is 9.278 Kms.
There would be an Underground track with the length of 2.789 Kms.

Jaipur Metro Elevated stations from Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar
There are 8 elevated Metro stations
New Aatish Market
Vivek Vihar
Shyam Nagar
Ram Nagar
Civil Lines
Metro Railway Station
Sindhi Camp Station

Jaipur Metro Underground stations from Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar
There are 3 underground metro stations
Chhoti Chaupar
Badi Chaupar

JAIPUR METRO PHASE -2 - Phase II (Amba Bari to Sitapura -23.099 kms)
Jaipur Metro Underground Stations from Amba Bari to Sitapur
Ajmeri Gate
Government Hostel
Sindhi Camp Station
Subhash Nagar
Jaipur Metro Elevated Stations from Amba Bari to Sitapur
Pratap Nagar
Haldi Ghati Gate
Laxmi Nagar
Mahaveer Nagar
Dev Nagar
Tonk Phatak
Gandhi Nagar Mod
SMS Stadium
Narain Singh Circle
SMS Hospital
Jaipur Metro Rail will be one of the most modernised Metros in India. JMRC has alsp plan the Jaipur Metro to integrate with the Bus Rapid Transport Services (BRTS) and other public transport systems to provide a smooth transition from other public transport mode with a seamless interchange and transfer facilities in comfort.
Jaipur Metro will have the facility of Integrated Fare and Ticketing with common ticketing. A Unified Metropolitan Authority (UMTA) has been set up to bring the various public transport wings under a common umbrella, with the proposed BRTS acting as a Feeder route to the Metro Rail.
Contact Details JMRC
Registered Office
 Khanij Bhavan
 Behind Udyog Bhavan
 Jaipur- 302005 

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