Thursday, 15 March 2012

Union Budget 2014-2015

Income Tax Slab - Union Budget 2014-2015

(The new Government will table the Budget for 2014-2015 after 16th May 2014)
The budget session will start soon and this time also there are lot of expectations from the UPA Government which is under tremendous pressure from al the quarters, be it women safety issue after the Delhi Gang Rape Case, inflation or Pakistan issue.
The general elections are scheduled for next year and the government might come up with some popular budget this time around.

The middle class and salaried are the most vulnerable when it comes to paying the income tax. The income tax slab must be raised so that there is less burden on the middle class which is already facing inflation and low salary appraisals due to the ressessions in many sectors.

Mr Finance Minister why don't you come up with some measures so that these big business men do not befool the governmaent and pay the taxes honestly? Why is it that the exchequer always require the income tax from the lower middle class? Why is that a business man earning 50 lakhs per annum get away with paying only the basic income tax by showing a meagure income? Leave apart the other big fish.

Mr Prime Minister how can you expect from a person to invest Rs 1 lakh and save tax when he is earning only 3 lakhs per annum and feeding the family of 4? He is not been able to meet the ends and at the same time you are deducting income tax from his salary.

Why don't you burden the rich business men with more tax as we see in the developed countries? Why you are only dependent on the poor for government's revenue? Why do you don't come up with some measures to stop corruption?


Mr Finance Minister please do something this time and make some corrections in the Income Tax Slab  for 2014-2015

Some suggestions for Income Tax slab in the 2014-2015 Budget
Up Rs 5 Lakhs - Nil
5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs - 10%
10 to 15 Lakhs - 20%
Above 15 Lakhs - 30%

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