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Recipe of Sohan Halwa - Sweet Dish of Khwaja Ajmer Rajasthan

 Sohan Halwa of Ajmer- How to prepare Sohan Halwa, the Sweet Dish of Ajmer, Rajasthan
Sohan Halwa is a famous sweet of Khwaja Moinuddin Chistti’s city Ajmer. It is an exclusive specialty of Ajmer. Ajmer is famous for three things one Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, two  Pushkar and three Sohan Halwa. Buy Sohan Halwa in Ajmer only near the famous sweet shops near Dargah Bazar. It is not to be missed because of its delicious mouth watering taste. Number of delicacies and varieties of Ajmer Sohan Halwa are available.
Sohan Halwa can be made at home as well but remember that you need to be master to get that special taste only available in Ajmer for Sohan Halwa
How to Make Sohan Halwa of Ajmer – Easy Recipe of Sohan Halwa
Ingredients Required to Prepare Sohan Halwa of Ajmer

1 kg Desi Ghee, 1 kg Corn flour, 1 kg Sugar, 1 Cup of pure milk, 100 grams of Almonds, 100 grams Pistachios, 1 tsp Saffron

The First first step to make Ajmer Sohan Halwa is to Mix the corn flour in one cup of water and keep it for sometime so that it dissolves properly. After it is completely dissolved in water put saffron in water and allow it to dissolve properly.
On the other hand mix 3 cups of water in sugar and boil the content for 5-7 minutes. And then add milk and further boil the content for another 5 minutes.

Then you need to mix the corn flour and saffron mixture to the boiled milk and sugar. Cook the entire mixture on the medium heat. After some time you will see that the mixture is turning little thick. When it becomes thick add oil slowly. Make sure that you are stirring the mixture while you add oil. Continue to stir the mixture until mixture is separated.

Then add some almonds and pistachios as necessary. Keep the prepared mixture inside a greased plate and Keep it for some time to allow cooling. After some time when the mixture is cool then cut it into square pieces. Delicious Sohan Halva of Ajmer is ready to serve

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