Sunday, 18 December 2011

New Channel Life OK

Life OK a New Channel by Star TV
Star TV has launched a channel, named Life OK. Star TV in the first time industry has come up with a Philosophy. Life OK Channel is ​​based on the concept of Values of life. It is an initiative to explain the values ​​of relationships.
You will watch number of new shows on Life OK including Sach Ka Samna which is starting with the concept of Corruption this time. Watch Sach Ka Samna from 18th December on Life Ok Channel. You would also get to watch number of new serilas and movies on Life Ok Channel.
In addition, many interesting shows will be aired on Life OK starting on 18th December. The Life Ok channel will focus on number of serials and programmes based on life’s value..

Life OK will be a separate channel of Star TV has no link with Star One Channle.

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