Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Gupta and Post Gupta Temples of Rajasthan - Best unexplored places to visit in Rajasthan

Gupta and Post Gupta Temples of Rajasthan
Rajasthan has many ancient Temples of Gupta Style especially in the South Eastern Region of Rajasthan. If you are travelling between Kota and Jhalawar of Rajasthan then you will find 5th Century Gupta Temple at Darrah. The Pillars of this ancient Temple still stands intact and you will find a Museum here. It is a Perfect piece of Gupta workmanship.
Not to be missed the sanctum, vestibule and half man – Dapa at the Sheetaleshwara Temple at Jhalarapatnam. Built in 689 AD this is the earliest dated temple in Rajasthan. The Hall of the Temple in the fron was highly praised by Fergusson was added later in the next century.
There are few more Gupta period Temples in Rajasthan which you can see at Chittorgarh , Kota and Kansua. The reminiscent of Gupta workmanship can also be seen at Government Museums in Ajmer and Bharatpur in Rajasthan. These temples are no more now.
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