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Delhi to Jaipur Train Timing and Schedule

Trains from Delhi to Jaipur Timing and Schedule

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Are you planning a trip to Jaipur Rajasthan? Do you want to know the timings and schedule of trains to Jaipur from Delhi and other stations? The Pink City Jaipur and the Capital of Rajasthan is one of the favourite destinations in India. People from all across the globe and India visit Rajasthan and Jaipur every month. Jaipur is an historical city and there are numerous site seeing options here. There are number of Historical Forts in Jaipur where you can Visit.
Jaipur has easy access from Delhi and Agra. Jaipur can be reached by air bus and train. Distance of Jaipur from delhi is just 270 Kms and it is 4 hrs journey from Delhi.
Frequent bus service is available from ISBT Delhi and Bikaner House to Delhi. Numbers of Deluxe and Volvo buses are available from Chandigarh, Agra and Delhi to Jaipur.
Jaipur Railway station is well connected by trains from all parts of the country including Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Ahmadabad, Jammu and Delhi. Below is the list of Trains that run via Delhi to Jaipur

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Train to Jaipur Timings and Schedule
1 Hw Aii Mela Spl(0235A)12:40 AM (Delhi)06:40 AM (Jaipur) Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri

2 Jammu Aii Exp (2414)04:35 AM (Delhi)09:55 AM (Jaipur) All Days

3 Ajmer Shtbdi Sp(2015A)06:05 AM(New Delhi)10:45 AM(Jaipur)Wed

4 Ajmer Shtbdi(2015)06:05 AM(New Delhi)10:45 AM(Jaipur) Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun

5 Dee Porbndr Exp(9264) 08:38 AM(Delhi Cantt)01:40 PM(Jaipur)Mon & Thu

6 Bdts G R Spl(2215A)09:37 AM(Delhi Cantt)02:00 PM(Jaipur)Tue

7 Bdts Garib Rath(2215) 09:37 AM(Delhi Cantt)02:00 PM(Jaipur) Mon,Thu & Sat

8 Ala Hazrat Exp(4311) 11:45 AM(Delhi) 05:40 PM(Jaipur) Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat

9 Be Bhuj Exp(4321)11:45 AM(Delhi)05:40 PM(Jaipur)Mon, Wed & Sun

10 Mki Pbr Express(9270)01:10 PM(Delhi) 06:15 PM(Jaipur) Mon & Tue

11 Uttaranchal Exp(9566)01:30 PM(New Delhi)07:15 PM(Jaipur) Sun

12 Garib Nawaj Exp(5715)01:35 PM(Delhi) 07:15 PM(Jaipur)Mon, Wed & Sat

13 Ashram Express(2916) 03:05 PM(Delhi) 08:25 PM(Jaipur)All Days

14 Dli Jsm Express(4059)05:40 PM(Delhi) 11:42 PM(Jaipur)All Days

15 Adi Sj Rajdhani(2958)07:55 PM(New Delhi)12:40 AM(Jaipur) All Days

16 Mandor Express(2461) 08:55 PM(Delhi) 02:25 AM(Jaipur)All Days

17 Hw Adi Mail(9106)10:35 PM(Delhi)04:30 AM(Jaipur) All Days

18 Rajsthn S Krant(2463)10:53 PM(Delhi Cantt)03:15 AM(Jaipur) Wed, Fri & Sun

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