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Profile Detail and Personal information of Bhanwari Devi

Bhanwari Devi Case | Tapes and CDs of Bhanwari released
Maderna seen in compromising position in the CD with Bhanwari Devi has created a political storm in Gehlot Congress Government.The local channels aired the content of the sex CD of Bhanwari Devi and Maderna for the entire day. However the Government has issued notice to the Channel which aired the News and the Bhanwari Devi CD. The alleged sex tapes of Bhanwari Devi and Maderna has also put pressure on the suspended minister. He has confessed in front of CBI that he knew Bhanwari devi well.
Bhanwari Devi went missing from Bilara near Jodhpur on September 1 and from that day the mystery has been not solved yet. No one knows where is Bhanwari Devi? Is Bhanwari alive? Has she been murederd? Who killed Bhanwari Devi? CBI is investigating the case and is very close to solve it. CBI has raided many places in search of evidences.
In the audio tape that was aired by media, Bhanwari Devi is threatening and informing that she possesses certain evidences that might expose the ministers. It is also alleged that Bhanwari Devi was in possession of some CDs in which ministers were recorded in compromising positions with her. The alleged sex tapes and CDs with Bhanwari Devi and further her blackmailing the ministers to a tune of Rs 7 Crore is believed to be the reason of her being kidnapped .
Profile Detail and Personal information of Bhanwari Devi
Bhanwari Devi has worked at a Health center in Jaliwada Jodhpur as an Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife (ANM). Bhanwari was very fond of movies and aspired to be an actress and model. Bhanwari Devi has also featured in some of the albums of popular folk songs of Rajasthan.

Due to her connections with the influential people Bhanwari had a strong hold in her area and it is also alleged that she hardly went to the Health Center in Jodhpur where she was posted as a Nurse. Bhanwari Devi owns a huge luxurious bungalow in Jodhpur and she also owns a 2 storied house in Borunda.

Age of Bhanwar Devi was 36 when she went missing this September. Bhanwari has three children. Bhanwari used to live a luxurious life and was very fond of cars. She owns a chauffeur-driven luxury car. Hasband of Amar Chand who first informed the alleged link of Maderna in her kidnapping also owns a luxury car.

She was also ver fond of imported perfumes and imported luxury items which CBI found in her house

Bhanwari Devi also aspired to get MLA ticket from her area in the coming elelctions.

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