Tuesday, 4 August 2015

E Registeration of Voter ID card In Madhya Pradesh MP - Apply Online for Voter ID card

E Registeration of Voter ID card In Madhya Pradesh MP 
You can now enroll yourself in the MP electoral roll in Madhya PradeshiIf you are a resident of MP. If you are over 18 years of age you are eligible to vote and exercise your franchise but for it is mandatory that you have a Voter ID. Apart from the fact that you need this card for voting the Voter ID card also an important document which can be used as an document for Identification in many places, be it your online air or train tickets or opening a bank account or while applying for a home or car loan etc.

E registeration of Voter ID card in MP is open now and If you have crossed 18 years then register online and add your name in the MP Electoral Roll. You need to visit the official website of CEO Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Praesh.

The MP Voter ID card E registeration is so simple. Just visit the site and fill the the Form 6 online. This is for free. Official website of MP Electoral officer is given below


Free download of form 6 is available here. You need to read the instructions carefully before filling the form 6 for online registeration
You can also delete your name from the MP Electoral Rolls, for that download and fill the Form 7.

For making any changes and modifications then fill Form 8.

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