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Complete Syllabus of IASE University Distance Learning MA English Course

Complete Syllabus of IASE University Distance Learning MA English Course

MAE-Y 110
Paper I
Elementary Linguistics and Modern English Usage
Unit 1
Forms of Communication and Language; Salient Features of Language
Phonetics and Phonology [Branches of Phonetics, IPA symbols, organs of speech]      25
Phonemes, allophones, vowels, diphthongs, consonants, consonant clusters

Unit 2

Morphology [morphemes, allomorphs, affixes, inflections, derivation
Word formation,                                                                                                           20
Compounds, clipping, blend, acronym, phrases, idioms

Basic sentence structure and its constituents;                                                                 20
[N.P., Determiner, modification, sentence patterns, clause types.]
Word-stress and prosody [foot, metre, major metrical forms,i.e., iamb, anapest, dactyl etc], Figures of speech.
Unit 4                                                                                                                              15
Practical literary appreciation [writing complete appreciation of an unseen poem or a prose passage]
Unit 5                                                                                                                            20
Essay writing on a general or literary/artistic topic
Recommended Readings
C.F.Hockett : A Course in Modern Linguistics
Sharad Rajimwale   ; Elements of General Linguistics , Rama Brothers, New Delhi
A.CGimson ; Introduction to English Pronunciation, ELBS, London
Sharad Rajimwale : Introduction to English Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology,
Rawal Publication Jaipur, 1997
Cleanlh Brooks and R..P. Warren : Fundamentals of Good Writing

MAE-Y 120
Paper II                                                                                          Full Marks 100
English Drama from Shakespeare to Congreve
Christopher Marlowe   :           Dr. Faustus
William Shakespeare               :           Hamlet, Macbeth, The Tempest
Ben Jonson                              :           Volpone
John Webster               :           The Duchess of Malfi
Sheridan                                  :           School for Scandal
Congreve                                 :           Way of the World
Unit l
Passages for explanation with reference to the context from all the texts
Unit 2
Dr. Faustus, Hamlet, The Tempest
Unit 3
Macbeth, Volpone, The Duchess of Malfi
School for Scandal, Way of the World.
Unit 5
One question with internal choice on the literary, and socio-cultural background of the genre.
Books Recommended
R.C.Sharma , Themes and Conventions in the Comedy of Manners, Asia Publishing
House, Deli, 1965
G.Wilson Knight : The Shakespearean Tempest

MAE-Y 130
Paper III                   English Poetry ; Chaucer to Pope
[All questions carry equal marks]

Unit l Passages for explanation with reference to the context from the prescribed texts
Unit 2
Geoffrey Chaucer: The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Sir Thomas Wyatt : ' 1 find no peace'
Spenser                        : The Fairy Queene, Book I
Michael Drayton          : Love's Farewell
Shakespeare     : A Madrgal, ' To me fair friend, you never can be old', 'Shall I compare
thee to a summer's day ?', 'When in disgrace with fortune'.
Unit 3
John Donne : 'The good morrow', 'At the round earth's imagined corners', The
Cannonization',A Valediction forbidding mourning',, A lecture upon the shadow'.
Henry Vaughan ; 'The Retreat',
Andrew Maevell : Thoughts in A Garden
John Milton   : Paradise Lost , Book I
Thomas Carevv   : The True Beauty',
Robert Herrick   ; 'Counsel to Girls'
Abraham Cowley   : 'A Supplication'

Unit 4
John Dryden   : Mac Flecknoe
Thomas Gray   : Elegy Written in the Country Churchyard
Alexander Pope : Rape of the Lock
Cowper   : Poplar Felled
Collins    : To Evening
One question with internal choice on the socio-cultural and literary background and genre

MAY 140
Paper IV
Literary Criticism and Theories
Aristotle's Poetics Bharat's Natyashastra
Unit 2
John Dryden: An Essay on Dramatic Poesy Samuel Johnson: Preface to Shakespeare
Unit 3
S.T.Coleridge : Biographia Literaria , Chapter XIV and XV11
William Wordsworth : Preface to Lyrical Ballads
Matthew Arnold: The Study of Poetry

Unit 4
T.S.Eliot     : Tradition and the Individual Talent
Elaine Showalter; Towards a Feminist Poetics Edward Said   : Introduction to Orientalism
Unit 5
Modern Critical Trends: New Criticism. Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Structuralism. Post-colonialism, Postmodernism. Feminism.
Recommended Readings
1 .Aristotle 's Theory of Poetics and Fine Arts, Tr. H.SButcher
2. English Critical Texts , DJ.Enright and E.D.Chickers [eds.] , Oxford University Press.
3.Literary Critics ; George Wtson, Penguin Books
4  Contemporary Criticism: An Anthology: [ed] V.S.Seturaman
5  Sharad Rajimwale: Contemporary Literary Criticism , Rama Brothers, New Deli, 2007
6  Bijay Kr. Das: Twentieth Century Criticism, Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi, 2004

MAE-Y 210
Paper I             
Modem Drama
[All questions carry equal marks]
Henrik Ibsen : Doll's House
G.B. Shaw      ;            Devil's Disciple
Samuel Beckett   :   Waiting for Godot
William Synge : Playboy of the Western World
T.S.Eliot   : Murder in the Cathedral
Harold Pinter : The Birthday Party
John Osborne : Look Back in Anger
Arthur Miller : AH My Sons
Bertoid Brecht :: Galileo

Unit 1

Explanation with reference to the context of the passages selected from the essays

Unit 2

Doll's House, Devil's Disciple. Waiting for Godot


Playboy of the Western World , Murder in the Cathedral, The Birthday Party

Unit 4
Look Back in Anger; All My Sons; Galileo
Unit 5
One question with internal choice on socio-cultural and literary background of the genre.
Recommended Readings
Marjorie Boulton : Anatomy of Drama
Brooks and Warren : Understanding Drama                                                      

MAE-Y 220
Paper II
Unit 1
Daniel Defoe : Moil Flanders
Jane Austen :   Emma
Henry Fielding : Joseph Andrews
Unit 2
Charles Dickens : Great Expectations Thomas Hardy :    Return of the Native George Eliot      ;   Mill on the Floss
Unit  3
Graham Greene : The Power and the Glory Henry James : The Portrait of A Lady D.H.Lawrence   :   Sons and Lovers
Unit 4
Alice Walker : The Color Purple Iris Murdoch : The Severed Head Aldous Huxley : Howard's End
Unit 5

One question with internal choice on the socio-cullural and literary background of the genre

Recommended Reading
E.M.Forster : Aspects of the Novel Percy
Lubbock : The Craft of Fiction
Edwin Muir : The Structure of the Novel
J.B.Priestley : Literature and the Western Man

MAE-Y 230
Paper III

Poetry : From Romanticism to Modern Times

Unit l
Passages foe explanation with reference to the context from the texts
Unit 2
William Wordsworth   :   'It is a beauteous evening'; 'Ode on the Intimations of
Immortality' ;' The French Revolution' ; 'Nature and the Poet' ; ' The Afflictions of
Margaret' ; To the Skylark' ; The Inner Vision' .
P.B.Shelley   : To Skylark' ; 'Ode to the Westwind' ; 'Love's Philosophy' ; The Poet's
Dream' ; 'Ozymandias' ; The Flight of Love'.
John Keats    :   'Ode to a Nightingale' ; 'Ode to Autumn' ; The Human Seasons' ; The
Realm of Fancy'.
Unit 3
Alfred Lord Tennyson   :   'Ulysses' ; The Lotus Eaters' ; 'Now Sleeps the Crimson
Petal' ; The Eagle'.
Robert Browning :   ' The Last Ride Together' : ' My Last Duchess' ;' Confessions' ;
The Flower's Name'.
Matthew Arnold   : 'Dover Beach ;'The Last Word'  ; To Marguerite'.
Unit 4
G.M.Hopkins : ' The Windhover'  ; 'Pied Beauty' ; 'God's Grandeur'.
W.B.Yeats : 'Sailing to Byzantium' : 'The Second Coming' ; The Wild Swans at
Coole' .
T.S.EHot   : The Wasteland; 'Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock'.
W.H.Auden : Warm are the still and lovely miles ; ' Lay your sleeping head, my love';
'September 1939'
Sylvia Plath : 'Cut' ; You're' ; 'Edge' [ from Ariel ].
Unit 5
One question with internal choice on the socio-cultural and literary background of the genre.
 Recommended Readings
M.H.Abrams : The English Romantics
Graham Hough : The Romantic Poets
Boris Ford [General Editor]: Pelican Guide to English Literature, Vol. 5 From Blake to
G.S Frazer   ; The Modern Writer and His World, Penguin Books, London . 1965
Shiv K. Kumar   : British Victorian Literature. Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi. 2004

MAE-Y 240-1
Paper IV [A]
Indian English Literature

Unit l

Passages for explanation with reference to the context from unit 2 only
Unit 2
Rabindranath Tagore : Following selected verses from Geetanjali
Sarojini Naidu : ' To My Fairy Fancies' ; 'If You Call Me' ; 'The Pardah Nasheen ' ;
'The Soul's Prayer' ; 'Summer Woods' : 'Palanquin Bearers'.
Nissim Ezekiel : : Enterprise' ; 'The Visitor' ; 'Marriage' ; 'The Night of Scorpion1.
A.K.Ramanujan : 'A River' ; 'The Striders' ; 'Self-portrait'.
KamalaDas : ' An Introduction' ; 'in Love' ; 'Dance of Eunuchs'; The Fancy Dress

Unit 3
Muik Raj Anand   : The Coolie R.K.Narayan : The Guide Anita Desai   :  The Fire on the Mountain Attia Ffosain : Sunlight on a Broken Column
Unit 4
Mahesh Dattani   : Tara Girsh Karnad : Tughlaq
Unit 5
General question with internal choice on the historical and social background of the
Recommended Readings
K.R.Srinivas lyengar   : Indian Writing in English, Asia Publishing House, Bombay,
David Me Cutchion    : Critical Essays on Indian Writing in English, Writer's Workshop,
Calcutta, 1969
M.K.Naik Jed]   : Perspective on Indian Poetry in English, Abhinav Publications, 1984
M.K.Naik [ed]         : Critical Essays on Indian Writing in English, 177

MAE-Y 240-2
Paper IV [B]
Post-Colonial Literature
Unit l
V.S.Naipaul :A Bend in the River Chinua Achebe    : Things Fall Apart Amitav Ghosh   :The Shadow Lines Salman Rushdie   : Shame
Unit 2
Wole Soyinka    : A Dance of the Forests Derek Walcott    : Henric Christophe Mahesh Dattani      : The Final Solutions
Unit 3
Derek Walcott    : 'Names'  ; 'A far cry from Africa'  ; The Sea is History'
Edward Brathwaite " 'Wings of a Dove ' ; 'Colombe'
KekiN.Daruwala     : The Ghagra in Spate ; Death of A Bird ; 'Rumination'
Unit 4
Edward Said    : 'Introduction' to Orietalism
Aijaz Ahmed    : ' The Politics of Literary Postcoloniality'
Homi Bhabha     :   The Other Question'
Arundhati Roy    : ' Confronting Empire*
Recommended Readings
William Walsh   : Commonwealth Literature, Oxford University Press.
Charles B Larsen     : The Emergence of African Fiction, Indian University Press, London
Padrnini Mcmgia    : Contemporary Post-colonial Theory , A Reader. OUP. New Delhi,
Ania Loomba   : Colonialism/Postcolonialism, The New Critical Idiom, London. 2001
Unit 5
General question with internal choice on the historical, Soeio-cultural background of the genre.

MAE-Y 240-2
Paper IV [C]
American Literature Unit 1
Passages for Explanation with reference to the context from poems and plays only
Unit 2
Wait Whitman    :  'Song of Myself , sections 1-15 ; 'When lilacs last in the churchyard
Robert Frost   ; ' The Runaway '; The Road not Taken' ; 'Reluctance' ; 'Fire and Ice ' ;
'Stopping by the Woods on A Snowy Evening'.
Emily Dickinson   : '1 heard a fly buzz when f died' ; The soul selects her own society' ;
The last night that she lived ' ; 'A narrow fellow in the grass' ; 'Hope is a thing with
feathers1 ; To my quick ears the leaves conferred'.
Archibald Mac Leish   : ' Ars Poetica;'   : 'You, Andrew Marvel T
Ezra Pound  : ' Canto XIIP

Unit 3
"Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter Mark Twain   : Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Stories
Hemingway : The Two-hearted River Henry James   : Daisy Miller    ' James Baldwin   : The Rock pile F. Scott-Fitzgerald   : Winter Dream Unit 4 Plays
Arthur Miller ; Death of A Salesman Edward Albee   ; Who Is Afraid of Virginia Woolf Tennessee Williams    ; The Glass Menagerie
Unit 5
General question with internal choice on the social, cultural and literary background of the genre.

MAE-Y 240-2
Paper IV[D]
Women's Writing
Unit 1
Explanation with reference to the context on the passages selected from the prescribed books
Unit 2
Emily Bronte ; "Love and Friendship,' ; 'Remembrance'.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning   : Aurora Leigh Book 11
KamlaDas : 'In Love' ; 'An Introduction'
Imtiaz Dharkar : 'Purdah I, IF; 'Prayer'
Unit 3
Elizabeth Gaskell : Mary Barton Kamala Markandeya : Nectar in A Sieve Bapsi Sidhwa ; Ice Candy Man Arundhati Roy : The God of Small Things
Unit 4
Non-Fictional Prose
Elaine Showalter; 'Towards A Feminist Poetics'
Toril Moi  : 'Feminist Literary Criticism '
Virginia Woolf ; A Room of Her Own
Unit 5
One question with internal choice on the social and cultural background of the genre.
Recommended Readings
R. Selden , A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory. Harvester-wheatsheaf,
Hertfordshire, 1989
Sushila Singh, Feminism: Theory, Criticism , Analysis, Pencraft International, Delhi,
Sharad Rajimwale, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Rama Brothers. New Delhi 2006
Shared Rajimwale, A Handbook of Literary Terms, Concepts and Movements, Sarup and
Sons. New Deli 2005
Bijay KR. Das , Twentieth Century Criticism, Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi, 2004

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