Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rajasthan in Support for Anna Hazare

Rajasthan in Support for Anna Hazare Peaceful protest in Rajasthan against corruption
People of Rajasthan are not behind in supporting Anna Hazare. Thousands of people have come out on the streets to protest Anna's arrest. People of Rajasthan have expressed their full support to bring Jan Lok Pal Bill proposed by Team Anna.

People are holding rallys and candle march across the state to support Anna Hazare. The only point is that people are fed up with the deep rooted corruption in the system and recent scams which have looted thousands of crores of people's hard earned money.

The Governement though is planning to bring law against corruption but Anna Hazare believes that the law will not be helpful in the current state. People need a strong Law Against Corruption, Lokpal with the powers to prosecute the corrupt officials and ministers.

Support for Anna Hazare in Rajasthan
People in Jaipur Ajmer Jodhpur Udaipur Kota and other cities are coming out to support Anna Hazare. Thousands of people from Rajasthan are already in Delhi to support Anna Hazare and to support strong Lok Pal Bill.

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