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Guidelines to Set up Medical Laboratory in Rajasthan - Medical Lab Set UP

How to Start Medical Lab in Rajasthan - The Medical Laboratory Set Up

Are you planning to set up Medical Lab in Rajasthan? Do you want to know the norms and information about how you can start a Medical Lab in Rajasthan? Below you will find the complete details for setting up a Medical Laboratory in Rajasthan

The Laboratory should be designed in such a way so that there is enough space for free movement of people working in it. A cramped laboratory is likely to lead to accidents, damaging the equipment and endangering the life of individuals working in such a laboratory.

The rooms should be adequately ventilated but without strong current of air. A strong breeze would become a problem in microbiology and would deflect the flame of a burner. The Laboratory should have ample of lighting arrangement that is necessary for accurate measurement in any form. No laboratory can run without a good supply of running water.
Working benches that are to be used for sitting should preferably be 2 and half feet high, and those to be used while standing should be at least 3 feet high. These benches should be wooden and acid proofed.

As a rule the place for receiving or withdrawing the samples should be separate from working compartment. TO AVOID specimen mixing (hazardous), each sample should be carefully labeled. The label should clearly mention the allotted specimen number, the date and time of the receipt of specimen and most important the name of the patient.
Both the clinical and paraclinical workers are equally at risk of aquiring transmissible diseases through the patients or through the test samples.

The risk of these can be lessened by taking appropriate vaccinations. In addition one should attend to one’s general hygiene and prevent transmission of any infectious disease. Disinfect working benches and as far as possible autoclave (or chemically disinfect) various glassware used in the laboratory. Use a rubber teat for sucking/filling the pipettes. To avoid strain on the eyes, keep both eyes open while doing microscopic work. Before leaving the laboratory one should thoroughly wash one’s hands with soap or water, then rinse them well in disinfectant lotion.

Code of Conduct for Medical laboratory Person

  1. Place the well-being and service of the sick above your own interests.
  2. Be loyal to your Medical Laboratory profession by maintaining high standards of work and strive to improve your professional knowledge.
  3. Work scientifically and with complete honesty.
  4. Do not misuse your professional skills or knowledge for personal gain.
  5. Never take anything from your place of work that does not belong to you.
  6. Do not disclose to a patient or any unauthorized person the results of your investigations.
  7. Treat with utmost confidentiality and personal information that you may learn about a patient.
  8. Respect and work in harmony with the other members of your hospital staff or health centre team.
  9. Be at all times courteous, patient and considerate to the sick and their relations.
  10. Promote health care and the prevention and control of disease.
  11. Follow safety procedures and know how to apply first aid.
  12. Do not drink alcohol during laboratory working hours or when on emergency stand by.
  13. Use equipment and laboratory-ware correctly and with care.
  14. Do not waste reagents or other laboratory supplies.
  15. Fulfill reliably and completely the terms and conditions of your employment.

Always remember that you can be a patient tomorrow. Treat others as you would want them to treat you.

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