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How to protect your child from Sexual Abuse

How to protect your child from Sexual Abuse?

It has been observed in the recent past that number of cases involving child abuse has increased. The child abuser is not necessarily a habitual criminal but many of them were found to be the first timers. The Child abusers are of all age groups ranging from 15 years to 70 years of age. The people involved in child abuse comes from all walks of life and surprisingly in many cases the known persons have been found involved in Sexual Abuse.

There are many forms in which the children have been sexually abused. The parents now a day are more concerned and aware of the fact that the children are prone to be sexual assault and abuse. Though many parents make sure that their children are protected from sexual abuse but still there are many small measures if taken can protect the child from sexual abuse.

Protection of your child from Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assault some Tips

  1. Make sure that you know with whom your child is interacting and playing while he is out of the house.
  2. Take your child into confidence and do not react when he complaints about someone. The next time he will hesitate informing you.
  3. If your child is in the age group of 5 to 12 years do not allow him to go out alone with anyone.
  4. Avoid your small child from sleeping with even your relatives.
  5. Educate your child, make him aware not to allow anyone to touch his secret parts
  6. Do not send your child alone to stay at relatives’ place
  7. Always keep an eye on some sudden behavioral changes in your child
  8. Teach your child to speak against any misconduct towards him

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