Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How to make Voter ID Card in Rajasthan

Voter ID Card Registration in Rajasthan E Registration Online

Voter ID Card is must if you wish to vote for your favorite candidate in Parliament Elections or Assembly Elections or Local Body Elections in your area. Voter ID Card also serve as an important Identity proof anywhere you go be it to make your passport, opening your bank account, making your driving license etc

If you are residents of Rajasthan then you need to have your Voter ID Card. In order to get your Voter ID card in Rajasthan and to add your name in the electoral roll in Rajasthan you need to first register online at the official website of Rajasthan Electoral Roll and fill the Form 6. Visit website of Chief Electoral Officer Rajasthan and download Form 6.

Before filling the form 6 please do not forget to Visit the FAQ section to get all the details on how to fill the form.

You can also delete your name from the Electoral Roll. For this you need to fill the Form 7.

To make any changes and to modify your details fill Form 8.

Telephone Number and Contact Details of Chief Electoral Officer Rajasthan

Office of the Chief Electoral Officer Rajasthan
Secretariat, Jaipur.

Phone Number CEO Rajasthan
 0141 - 2227411
0141 - 2227222 Ext. 2395
Fax : 0141 - 2227200
E-mail :

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