Sunday, 10 July 2011

Gupta and Post Gupta Temples in Rajasthan

Gupta and Post Gupta Temples in Rajasthan

There are many temples in Gupta Style especially in Kota and jhalawar belt.

There are ancient pillars of a temple that dates back to 5th Century in Darrah. The remains of the temples depict a graceful and immaculate architecture of Guptas with great workmanship.

There is yet another piece of Gupta’s skilled art and architecture in Jhalarapatan. There is a temple dated back to 689 AD in Jhalarapatan. This is Sheetaleshwara Temple. The Sanctum of this temple along with the vestibule shows the pristine and refined artwork of Guptas.

There are other temples located in Makangunj near Chittourgarh which has the impressions of Gupta art. Similarly the temple in Kansua near Kota has the Gupta impression.

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